THE SQUEEZE Vol 1.2 | Never Have “Nothing to Wear” Again

Ever stood in front of your closet feeling like you have nothing to wear, but you're also not sure how that's possible because you definitely have clothes?


Yes? Cause, same. 


Even worse, that feeling when you order a ton of clothes for a specific occasion, and nothing seems to come together into a complete look? We've been there too! So, after one too many one hit wonder outfits, and mornings like this:


...we decided to come up with a solution. Michael Kors once said, "the perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah, and totally to die for". Fashion experts like Mr. Kors know that the subtle nuances of well placed accessories are guaranteed to transform the vibe of your look. For example, imagine this photo without any of the accessories shown.

This look could easily go from bad af, to basic af without the belt and necklaces.

Whether you're an avid clothing shopper, or enjoy keeping quality pieces in rotation, we believe accesories are a major key to getting the most out of your wardrobe. 

So, month to month, we curate four subscription style boxes of the trendiest and most unique accessories with the intent of doing just that. Hand selected, according to your flavor, or style profile, a Juice Box is the perfect way to maximize your wardrobe, and give your look that finishing touch, so you never have “nothing to wear again”. 

Plus it’s super discounted so you’ll have cash left for new clothes, or another box (we won’t judge), or a new destination for your bomb photos! 


Now that’s how you solve a wardrobe crisis! *drops mic*

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